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The constellation of clients is everything to Top Brand, no exceptions.
Top Brand is born in the city of New York, to meet the high expectations of corporate and social clients in the market of event production and BTL activation at the national and international level. Javier Vasquez, its creator, begins his trajectory 9 years ago in New York City. As time passed by his experience, creativity and recognition in the company and social event production, as well as the BTL campaigns for known brands, allowed him to internationalize his skills to other cities such as Miami, Bogota, Cartagena.
After much investigation in the production world in New York, an ample marketing potential opens up in Colombia, where projects of high standards with a European feeling are developed. The decision is made to successfully open a branch in Colombia, finding a section of brand managers market that have as a goal to improve budgets and increase sales through building the brand through creative strategies but do not possess the time or tools. This is when TOP BRAND comes in with new concepts, due to the innovative ideas, offering to their clients the realization of their dreams with vanguard and exclusive productions in this wonderful world of events and activation of products.


Some of the brands as they entered to TOP BRAND


Our most cared for treasure is the quality of our services. We know this, as our clients refer us immediately and without a doubt; this is how we’ve grown. The same way hotels, clubs and convention centers decided to stay with Top Brand events as a certified and exclusive contractor once they’ve experienced firsthand our productions, as they now know they are backed up by a company that knows what is doing!

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